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Its advisable to ask your mover for a personal storage unit rental option and hourly handyman hire before your move to avoid any trouble that may arrive in between your move.

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There are many ways to pack a storage unit. You can choose to shove your belongings in the unit and hope you don’t need anything later on.

In this instance, good luck trying to find any items you need later. Imagine trying to find one important document and pulling everything out of the storage unit just to find one document.

The alternative is to make a plan, make lists, and be strategic about packing the storage unit. Using the methods listed here will make your life much easier.

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Packing a Storage Unit

How to Properly Pack a Storage Unit

Professional Packing Services

After all the planning and preparation, you can finally pack your storage unit. There are a few things to keep in mind as you’re packing your unit.

  • The items you may need access to
  • Utilize vertical space
  • Take advantage of unused space

When you pack a storage unit, put the items you need access to aside.

Start packing with furniture first. This may include couches, dressers, and bed frames. Don’t forget to wrap these items in blankets to protect them.

Depending on the size of your couch, you may have enough room to store it vertically, creating more room in the storage unit.

Once these larger items are in the unit, take advantage of unused space.

For example, you can pack boxes in dresser drawers. If your couch is stored vertically, you may be able to stack items along the seat of the couch.

Ideally, you want these larger items against the wall of the storage unit.

You can fill in space with the larger items. This is where having similar sized boxes will be handy.

You can easily stack the boxes on top of each other. Be sure to have heavier boxes at the bottom and work your way up with lighter boxes.

As you’re stacking your boxes, try to leave an aisle about one or two feet wide. It may be hard to do in a smaller unit, but it’s worth it so you can get to the items stored in the back without having to unpack the entire unit and then repack it.

You’ll want to finish packing your storage unit with the items you’ll need access to. These boxes should be towards the front of the unit, which will save you time and energy when you need them.

Map Out Your Storage Unit

The next step in the process to pack a storage unit is to make a map. As you’re packing your unit, map out which boxes are where inside the storage unit.

For example, if you have 15 boxes stacked eight feet high and you need two items from one of those boxes, you want to know where those items are.

To create your map, divide your storage unit into 4 or more sections on a piece of paper. Write out the items and boxes in each section.

You can keep this map inside the unit for safe-keeping.

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